• My first experience was positive and has stayed positive. I like the hours it’s open. I liked that they let me see the weight of my gold verses the other places that didn’t.

    Jason S.
  • My first perception was a nice well organized pawn shop. Each item had its own section and everything was well lit and easy to find. I like the great service and the availability of the items provided. The first time I walked in everyone welcomed me. They offered me their help and services. One of the greatest benefits I’ve gotten from shopping at Citrus Pawn Shop is their great prices. I’ve gone to other pawn shops just want my money and service but Citrus Pawnshop really cares.

    Gerarde A.
  • It was a friendly pawn shop. The store has gotten better every time I visit. They have great choices among the musical instruments and accessories. When I didn’t’ have enough money for an item they still sold it to me. They have great service.

    Rene O.
  • Me gusta la tienda. Me gusta el servicio. La venta de joyería que hice fue una experiencia que me dejo contenta. He comprado herramientas/ YO les digo a mis amistades que en Citrus dan mejor dinero por los empeños.

    Maria H.
  • My first experience was positive and has stayed positive. I like the hours it’s open. I liked that they let me see the weight of my gold verses the other places that didn’t.

    Jason S.
  • t’s a very clean and organized store. Lots of people are working to help you out. I bought DVD’s and they were sold at a reasonable price. Go find the treasure that you cannot do without.

    Gregory L.
  • This is a great pawn shop. They help you with what you need. They have great prices and great selection.

    Steve F. C.
  • At first I didn’t know if I could make a deal. They did a great job; they were able to work with me on price. I tell everyone to come to Citrus Pawn Shop.

    John A.
  • I liked this store because it sells sports equipment. I like that I can put things on lay-away. It is also close to my house. It’s very neat and I’d recommend it to anyone.

    Aaron H.
  • I enjoyed the environment as well as the customer service. One of the benefits is pawning some lose jewelry and having money in my pocket. I would recommend this place, it’s excellent.

    Chrisy R.
  • The store has progressed so much. I have been coming here over 20 years and the customer service is great as well as the atmosphere. The set up and the employees change for the better. The employees establish great relationships with their customers. This is the first place I recommend to go to.

    Monique R.
  • It was very organized, strict, and safe. It was a very broad space and adequate selection. The service was prompt and the system on pricing and time on a loan were also very pleasing. I was short on a few bucks for my maturity date and they helped me out. One of the benefits is the relationships you build with the workers here. It almost on a first name basis. I definitely recommend it.

    Lisa D.
  • Fue muy buena precepción y atención. Me gusta que le atienden con buena actitud y la atención del el personal y los precios me dejaron contenta.

  • The shop was very clean, really nice employees, and no pressure. I would recommend it.

    Rocky M.
  • This shop was clean, had great customer service, and the workers were polite. You receive a greeting as soon as you walk in. The workers are willing to help and get as much as possible on loan. They are truly helpful.

    Gary C.
  • My first thought of the pawn shop was simple and little. My perception has changed for the better. I like the staff and merchandise. I was happy the moment when I walked and I was greeted by one of the employees and I don’t really see that very often in stores. The customer service is excellent.

    David H.
  • Yo vine solo a la tienda por primera vez y me gusta venir a mirar cosas electrónicas. Me ayudaron cuando compre mi bajo marca fender. Me gusta que los precios son buenos en las cosas que he comprado y sobre todo el sistema de apartado. Es una tienda con variedad y la recomiendo.

    Pablo G.
  • I walked in here to try and get a loan and they were able to help me out. I like that they are able to work with you so you can get the most for your items. I’m very pleased with the service I received here. I would definitely come back if I ever need to do so. I got a lot of help from the store workers and was able to pay my bills with the loan.

    Carmen L.
  • They have good people dealing with you and it has a friendly atmosphere. They are honest and offer quick service. I am happy with everything. They are courteous and respectful.

    Alex S.
  • They try to help you with most products as much as possible. Well established place and employees are honest and respectful. I like the service here. I came in for a loan and they were able to help me out till the next day. They’ve offered last minute quick help. They’ll always help you out the best they can.

    Victor M.
  • I like they have cheap tools. They let me bring my bicycle in to get the right hand tools. It is close by and there a lot of things that other pawn shops don’t have.

    W. Anderson
  • Employees are awesome and a great help. The atmosphere is great. I like the assistance from the employees. Help comes at an instant and questions are answered right away. Definitely check it out.

    Jose R.
  • Everyone was very welcoming. I like the customer service. Anyone that is interested in coming here should take their time and look around at the many things.

    Moises L.
  • I like this pawn shop because you guys don’t cheat your customers. I have had some bad luck with other shops around Whittier. I like that you have good customer service. I took in some jewelry to another shop that only offered me half of what your shop gave me. You are a good fair pawn shop.

    Frank W.
  • The staff was very helpful and professional. They have great deals and are willing to work with you.

    Joseph C.
  • It is a clean shop and it has helpful employees. The prices are fair. I bought a camera lens that worked properly. I recommend anyone to shop here.

    D. Bola
  • I was amazed at all the things that they had. They were friendly and had almost everything I was looking for. I bought a bass, car speakers, and car amps that worked amazingly. I got a good sound system.

    Amilar A.
  • My first impression is was very equipped and very professional. I liked that they had good service and were quick to respond. I bought a stand a while back and they hold it till I was able to pick it up without a problem. Go check it out, it’s worth it.

    Rodolfo Del R.
  • The place is clean and has friendly staff. I liked that there are great prices. They had a good deal on a palm sander. I would recommend shopping at Citrus pawn shop

    Hans B.
  • This is a good looking store. The staff was what I like the most. I would recommend this to others.

    David M.
  • It is organized and the staff is friendly. It has stayed the same every time. I like the selection of musical equipment. The staff is knowledgeable.

    Michael M.
  • The first time I walked in I liked being welcomed with friendly faces and nice people. I think with time it keeps getting friendlier. There is always great service at Citrus Pawn. Everything is hard to pawn, but it’s made easy here. When it’s hard to pay they hear me out and give me the next day to pay. I have been coming here for 25 years and they are great. I would recommend this place to others.

    Sonya M.
  • We love the store. We have been shopping in this store for close to five years now. We like the tools and the discounts on tools. I like the friendly service. This shop has great deals.

    Mary T.
  • I liked walking in there, there were so many instruments. I liked that I was treated with kindness and that there are extensions on loans. The employees are personable. I bought several instruments here. The extensions and the service are two of the things I like the most. It is the best pawn shop around.

    Maria S.
  • When I first walked in I loved it. I liked that the workers are nice. They let me try out the product I wanted. I was helped with the price which I had to pay. I would recommend this to others; it’s excellent.

    Benjamin H.
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    William S. GibsonFisher Foods
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    Yolanda DevriesAlmacs
  • When I first walked in it was full of variety and joy. Like a candy shop without the cavities and like Facebook, you make friends. I like the lay-away and great prices. The employees treated me with care. One of the benefits is the Pawn Bucks. Yes this is a place I would.” recommend.

    Melissa P.
  • People were very friendly and the store was clean. I like the lay-away and I have been happy with everything at Citrus Pawn Shop. I have recommended their service to others because they are excellent.

    Barbara I.
  • This place has a great atmosphere and wide variety of things to buy from music instrument section. I have been made to feel like a regular customer and always treated kindly. They have many options to buy and sell or trade. Getting a loan helped me pay my rent without losing or having to sell my tools. Best pawn shop in Mentone.

    Ralph R.
  • It is organized and interesting. First place I checked for musical instruments. The staff was very helpful and good selection. There was a nice selection of guitars. Also gave me a good price for an item I sold. I come here first before any Guitar Center or other pawn shop.

    Gabe G.
  • The jewelry was amazing. They have many beautiful jewelry items to choose from. They have lay away which is amazing. One of the benefits that I like the most is that I can upgrade jewelry like a necklace. This place is excellent and if you come here you must look at the jewelry.

    Priscilla G.
  • I was impressed with lots of selection, good customer assistance, and lots of good jewelry. You can look at any piece of jewelry at your own pace without being rushed. The customer service was excellent, along with good prices. Prices fit my range and I have bought lots of jewelry here. This store beats any big time jewelry price and service.

    Jose G.
  • I liked the great people, very helpful and had a homey feeling. The people were very helpful, nice, and welcoming. I liked everything. It’s a great place. Great bargains!

    Pat G
  • At first I was intimidated to inquire about a loan because I was embarrassed. But the employee that was working at the time was very helpful and friendly. I am very comfortable about coming in now, since all the employees are very helpful. The service was pleasant and fast as well as efficient. The day I came in to get a loan on my laptop I was very pleased with the amount I was offered. There are so many things that could be pawned. I’ve gotten a few friendly faces and people that continually work here. I recommend this place because they are excellent.

    Debra P. R.
  • They have good people dealing with you and it has a friendly atmosphere. They are honest and offer quick service. I am happy with everything. They are courteous and respectful.

    Alex S.
  • The shop is very clean and there is a large variety of items. I won a T.V. for Christmas can donation. It was a worthy cause. One of the best benefits is the coupons or Pawn Bucks. Go to Citrus Pawn it has excellent service.

    Martha H
  • There is no pressure from the sales people. It’s a great place. There is a great selection on jewelry and great attitude. I purchased my wedding anniversary rings here. I was happy to get a good price for a set of rings. I bought a tile cutter and got a good price. I recommend this store to friends. They have great prices and great smiles. It’s the best store in Uptown.

    Jesus D.
  • Citrus Pawn Shop supports Mentone High School and their football team. They have a great friendly environment and the owner is the best.

    Julian A

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